R  E  C  I  P  E  S    O  F    T  H  E    W  O  R  L  D

Obtain a significant increase in essential nutrients, especially B-complex vitamins including B12, when adding Nutritional B12 yeast to your recipe. The following example shows thes added nutritional value when Nutritional B12 is addes to a portion of hummus.

Gaspacho vitacrun
Hummus with zucchinis
Grilled cheese vegetables


Cabbage soup Braised endives with ham Vegetarian Shepherd's Pie


Melon - Italian version Lemon yellow pasta Pasta sauce


Oriental carrot salad Lassi with mango Curried cauliflower


Miso soup Vegetables with rice vinegar Vegetable Farandole (Japanese style)

Tex Mex

Mango-banana-avocado drink Mexican Red Beans Raw homemade salsa

Raw vegetables recipes

Asian Radish and Tomato Salad Asian Green Salad Zucchini Sushis
Kale Salad Spinach, Fennel and Clementine salad Basic recipes for pesto/pistou
Taboulé .... and its variants Celeriac and apple salad Beet salad

Vegan cheeses

Cheese with cashew nuts, garlic and herbs Herbed vegan cheese Dried tomato cheese
Cream cheese Vegan cheese with vegetables Cheese dips


Burger with breaded tofu Lentil burger Salmon burger

Nourishing beverages

Vanilla smoothie
Green smoothie
Raspberry smoothie
Blueberries Smoothie
Cocktail with spirulina
Banana and nuts smoothie Blackberries & raspberries
Smoothie with citrus juices
Spinach smoothie
Strawberry smoothie

Sauces, vinaigrette and dips

Green olive sauce Pesto Cheese Garlic chilli sauce Dragon Sauce Honey mustard sauce
Grilled Sesame Sauce Hummus Tzatziki dip Salad dressing Yogurt - ginger sauce

The dishes

Seasoning Grilled Tofu Sticks Sunflower seed patties Couscous French crepes
Vegan Grilled Cheese
Kale Chips Lentils and vegetable Pasta cheesy taste Quiche for Brunch
Ratatouille Vegan egg sandwich Quinoa Scrambled tofu «Végépâté»


Carrot soup Vegetable soup Lentil soup Barley soup Végé soup with vermicelli